Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zach's Grad

Here are the video and photos from Zach's graduation. Enjoy. I edited the video from my little camera into this 6-minute clip. Don't miss the sweet message from Zach to my Dad right at the end.

The photos are NOT in any order. To save any one of them, RIGHT-CLICK on it and your computer will give you the option of saving it. Enjoy!

here's zach getting ready for his disneyland trip the next day...

and even though it's irrelevant, i thought it was funny to see mom sitting with my new outdoor canopy in my car while courtney and i ran into the store in las vegas...


Joan Friess said...

Thanks steve. The pictures and video are great. Thanks for a great week too. You're the best.

Necla said...

Nice blog

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